Did you know, the average revenue of your small business can increase by 39.72% per year if you have a website? In this e-world, having an online presence has become crucial, now more than ever. If you are running a business, it starts with a website should be included in your plan as it expands your customer base subsequently.

Nowadays it is easy to hire website developers from various platforms. But if you do not know the fundamentals of a website and what it should include, you may run into some out of control quote while hunting for a website developer. This is one of the biggest issues people face, trying to negotiating a fair deal to create the right website for your business.

Essential Checklist for Website Development Service

Design customization
If you are using a content management platform like WordPress, you will have to customize your theme as per your requirement. Though it feels doable, most people find themselves in a predicament due to their overconfidence. However, when you assign your work to a web developer, they will customize your theme for free. If you want your website to be built in HTML, the developer will initially brainstorm the design for your website, share and outline design factors with you to prevent any last-minute odd surprises and if you’re happy they will start the development process.

Responsive Design
90% of visitors to a website are mobile users. So, it makes sense why people spend so much money to make their website cross-device friendly. In spite of this, a responsive design does not simply mean mobile-friendliness – it must appear perfect on all other devices including tablets. This takes a lot of time and effort. However, under a website development service, your website automatically gets a responsive design without requiring you to pay extra. Cool, right?

Social Link Integration
The service provider also takes into account the website’s integration with your social media accounts. They create social media icons, link them to your respective social media homepages and enable users to directly share your posts with their friends and family on the go.

Security and Speed Optimization
Google always favours lightspeed websites with loading speed less than 4 seconds. However, if your website loading speed takes 2 seconds, your conversion rate can increase by 74%. Many website owners have no idea about this and end up paying extra later. But you can ask your web developer to design your website with a loading speed of less than 3 sec to rank faster.

Customer Live chat integration
If you are running e-commerce, the likelihood that you will need a live customer chat bot to increase your credibility in the market is high. It costs around $50-$60 minimum to have a professional developer integrate this feature to your website. But if you can negotiate about the same with your developer in advance, they will agree to do it within the initial development fee agreed.

Online Booking System
The online booking system is a complex feature. You can say it is the actual e-commerce. To create an online booking system is extremely difficult, especially if you are managing an in-house team. The number of error fixations is enough to frustrate anyone. Sometimes, owners can wait for months before their project finally goes live. But with an ideal web developer by your side, you can have your online booking system ready in just seven days.

Webmaster integration
Google webmaster integration is important to measure your website’s daily performance. It involves linking your website to Google Search Console, and Analytics. The process also involves creating perfect robot.txt files for SEO. Your service provider takes accountability of all the above-said requirements with ease.

Hosting and Domain Support, backup
If you have ever owned a website, you know what importance this job holds for you. Many times, people lose their websites to auto domain auctions upon its expiry. They can even lose the whole content to a bad virus attack by failing to backup it from time to time. But these painful points could easily be outsourced to a website development service provider at a minimum monthly maintenance fee of $20 or less.

End Thoughts

Before you hire a web development service provider, it is important for you to do a proper background check for possible weak spots. Request samples of work they have previously completed for others. Compare their prices with other service providers and see the number of service fundamentals. If not, then you can go for a pro-development agency even if it costs you more – at least you will save time and receive the results desired.

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