On October 27, 1994, the first online ad was posted. That moment, although it seemed ordinary at the time, was precursor of a new era. A year later in 1995, the Internet Advertising Council was assembled and a new advertising model was introduced: cost per thousand impressions or CPM.

Online advertising is not a new concept anymore and many are now familiar with them from using online advertising themselves to collect leads, generate traffic, make sales, and more. In this piece, we will take a look at online advertising, its pros and cons, and the different advertising channels available on the market to break down the myths and opportunities of each platform in this day and age.

Advertising: it’s about the little things.

The fact is, businesses need advertising to grow, plain and simple. The key, like in everything marketing, is in how you do it.

You would think it pretty simple, you write up some copy, slap on a creative when you can, and you’ve got an ad — but experienced media buyers know that it’s the perfect combination of copy, creatives, targeting, and more that makes an ad successful. To efficiently determine why a campaign is not performing as it should you must take a macro and a micro perspective both looking at your campaign as a whole and inspecting all the elements that makes it complete. Business owners often come to us for an audit to determine what they are doing wrong within their advertising campaign, and we often see the same mistakes come up. These mistakes lead to months of ad spend lost and business owners vowing never to do ads again therefore compromising the growth of the business.

Good advertising is about strategizing the what, where, when, how, and to who. It’s about taking every detail into account to wow and convince your audience to take action. This requires precision and a lot of know-how.

Different Types of Advertising Channels

The first element you need to keep in mind is the channel you will be advertising on. The main types of channels available to you are the following:

  • Search Engine Networks
  • Social Media
  • Native Advertising Networks
  • Retargeting
  • In-app Advertising

Each of these channels and networks hold their very own audience, which is important to keep in mind to ensure you reach the right people but they also have their own ad policies and limitations, average CPM, and so on. Doing a bit of research on the channels you plan on using is always a wise decision.

The Kings of Online Advertising

The giants of online advertising are big partnered networks that offer a wide variety of ad opportunities and reach vast audiences, as you can imagine, they are the most commonly used. The online ads giants are the following and when used in together in a multi-channel strategy, has to most impact:

  • Google (top search engine)
  • Facebook / Instagram (top social networks)
  • Outbrain (top native network)
  • Adroll (retargeting platform)

Myths in Online Advertising

MYTH #1 – Facebook ads do not work

This is one of the biggest misconceptions and the most frequent one I hear. Facebook has tremendous targeting capabilities, an engaged audience, and an amazing average CPM compared to most platforms out there. You can easily cater to every step of your funnel (if done skillfully) using this channel.

MYTH #2 – Ads are invasive and spammy

This can in fact be true but only if you do not keep an eye on your frequency and do not prioritize your user experience.

MYTH #3 – In 2021, only online advertising matters

“Advertising is a medium-agnostic concept.” A hybrid approach to marketing your business is always recommended as you rely on a range of customer acquisition channels.

MYTH#4 – You will waste your time on Display Ads

Display ads are the perfect tool for the first steps of your funnel. When it comes to display advertising, creativity, and media placement are key.

Measuring Your Results

At the end of the day, it’s all about testing new ideas, having with your ad creation, and measuring your results. If you are curious about how your ads can perform better or need help creating catchy and profitable ads for your business, reach out to Nuclear conversions Marketing Experts using the form below.

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